Prosthodontics is an area of dental specialty that examines the optimisation of your dental health. Prosthodontics often operates through the use of advanced crown and bridge based techniques, going hand in hand with dental implants and other dental specialties such as periodontics - an area of dentistry that deals with the supporting tissues of the teeth: the gums and bone.

If prosthodontic treatment forms part of your dental health plan, your prosthodontist will be able to provide you with a range of prosthodontic treatment options. They will also work closely with your general dentist, as many parts of your initial treatment could be best carried out by your prosthodontist and/or your hygienist.

Advanced treatment for healthy teeth - prosthodontics

As prosthodontics is an advanced dental treatment, you will initially undergo a stabilisation phase as part of your dental health plan. This stabilisation is required so your prosthodontist can ensure that the foundations of your dental health are secure before the more advanced prosthodontic treatment takes place.


Bridges are used to replace teeth that are missing. They usually consist of a replacement tooth (or teeth) supported by a crown on each of the two teeth on either side of the missing one such that the two crowns and the replacement tooth become one piece. Variations include cantilevered bridges which are only supported on one side and resin-bonded bridges which use thin metal “wings”cemented onto the non-visible surface of the adjacent tooth/teeth instead of crowns. They can be made of Gold, Gold and Porcelain (where the gold cannot be seen) or entirely of porcelain/ceramic. 



Crowns are used to repair badly damaged, discoloured, misshapen or sometimes badly positioned teeth. They replace the entire surface of the tooth recreating the correct shape and colour of the tooth. They are custom-made for each tooth in our laboratory and cemented onto the tooth permanently. They can be made of Gold, Gold and Porcelain (where the gold cannot be seen) or entirely of porcelain/ceramic.