Infection Control

Cleanliness and sterilization are our most intention. We ensure that equipments are clean before and after use. Also, we concern with disposable of used supplies that friendly with environment. Infections harm people by any diseases and it leads to various medical issues. Therefore, InnoDENT sets infection control system to kill and quarantine disease by following measures:

  • Single use for all disposable equipments and materials such as injection needles, wound cleaning needles, gloves.

4 steps of killing germs for multiple use:

  1. Used equipments are dipped into pre-soaking disinfectant liquid for 1 hour
  2. Equipments will be cleaned with anti-bacterial liquid (Sodium hypochlorite and detergent)
  3. All cleaned equipments will be stored in sterile bag
  4. Bag which contain equipments  is heated in the Autoclave
  • Some equipment cannot treat by heating. It will be stored in an anti-bacterial solution (Glutasept) for 6 hours.
  • Dental drills will be cleaned by detergents and then dip into an anti-bacterial solution for 6 hours.
  • All exam rooms will be cleaned after treatment is done every time. Area will be cleaned by washing by cleaned water and coated by Iodophor for 10 minutes. Then, wiped by alcohol and covered by plastic.
  • Dental drill handle will be spayed by cleaned water for 2 minutes. Other parts will be cleaned by cleaned water and dipped for 30 minutes into solution. Then, repeated washing by cleaned water.

After that, heated in the oven by high temperature