Dental Chair Units

KaVo Center, Germany, provides quality chairs for patients under the KaVo brand, which allow comfortable and relaxing quality treatment for patients. They are specially designed to receive heavy weight loads, and to conform with body shapes, and to not cause back and neck pain during extended periods of treatment.

KaVo workplaces have the following features

  •  Optimal utilization of space
  •  High level of intergration and combination
  •  Perfect harmony between dentist and practice personnel through ergonomic work procedure
  •  Wide range of models: technically and functionally optimal solutions are available, for nearly all practice concepts and suitable technical procedures: everything from one supplier
  •  Maximum patient comfort: KaVo workplaces permit optimal dental care, treatment and advice for the patient
  •  Very long life. 
  • Easy to operate
  •  Proven KaVo hygiene concept
  •  Systems suitable for the future
  •  Modern multimedia optims
  •  Aesthetic and well rounded design

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